Top 10 Attractions in Puerto de la Cruz

by Kavya Menon

From Author

Greetings, spiritual seekers and fellow travelers! If you’re seeking a holistic escape that offers not just aesthetic splendor but also enriching spiritual experiences, then look no further than Puerto de la Cruz in beautiful Tenerife. This Canary Island gem serves as a sanctuary where each street, beach, and garden whispers secrets of a deeper, soulful life. In this special guide, I’ll share with you my top 10 attractions in Puerto de la Cruz that promise to nourish both your soul and senses.

Top 10 Attractions in Puerto de la Cruz

1) Lago Martianez: A Poolside Oasis
Imagine a series of saltwater pools intricately designed to resemble an expansive oceanic wonderland. That’s Lago Martianez, a place where I found myself falling into deep introspection. Each pool felt like a separate realm, offering a different environment for pondering life’s questions. The gentle sound of lapping water helped to still my mind, while the surrounding environment—palm trees, sculptures, and Canarian architecture—created a Zen-like setting for contemplation. I spent hours here, sometimes just floating and allowing my thoughts to drift, and other times actively engaging in mindfulness practices.
2) Botanical Garden: A Walk Through Eden
Nature has an extraordinary ability to connect us with our inner selves, and the Botanical Garden in Puerto de la Cruz is the epitome of this connection. This well-preserved 18th-century botanical sanctuary offers a cornucopia of plants and trees from all over the world. It felt as if I was walking through various earthly realms—tropical, desertic, aquatic, all coexisting in a magnificent medley of life. Every step seemed to draw me deeper into a meditative state, as I became more and more attuned to the subtle energies of the diverse flora around me.
3) Playa Jardin: A Beach That Nourishes The Soul
Imagine a beach designed as a holistic sanctuary for the mind, body, and spirit. That’s Playa Jardin, a beach that transcends your regular sandy shores. Conceived by the genius Canarian artist, Cesar Manrique, the beach effortlessly integrates elements of art and nature. From artistically-placed volcanic rocks to vibrant floral gardens and palm trees, this beach is like a cosmic gift of therapeutic energy. Here, I spent many early mornings meditating and practicing yoga, tuning in with the cosmic rhythms of the sea and the joyous laughter of children playing nearby. One of my top 10 things to do in Puerto de la Cruz, this place became my go-to sanctuary for grounding and serenity.
Playa Jardin
Playa Jardin: A Beach That Nourishes The Soul
4) Ermita de San Amaro: A Spiritual Retreat
This is one of those off-the-beaten-path gems that you’ll be thankful you discovered. Ermita de San Amaro offers a space of extreme spiritual richness despite its modest size. Tucked away from the usual tourist routes, the sanctuary offers a quiet place to connect with higher energies. I sat for long periods, taking in the spiritual ambiance created by religious artifacts, soft lighting, and natural elements. On one occasion, I had the good fortune of joining a community prayer event. The feeling of collective spirituality within this small space was overwhelming, making it a must-visit among my top 10 attractions in Puerto de la Cruz.
5) Paseo de San Telmo: The Path to Sunset
One of the most picturesque walks you can take in this Canary Island paradise is along Paseo de San Telmo. A delightful promenade that lines the Atlantic Ocean, it serves as an excellent backdrop for what I like to call ‘active meditation.’ The path invites you to align your footsteps with the rhythmic crashing of waves, creating a kind of moving meditation that’s incredibly grounding. As I walked, the horizon seemed to stretch infinitely, symbolizing endless possibilities. When the sun began to set, I was greeted with an awe-inspiring display of colors across the sky—a magical moment that stirred my soul.
6) Casa de la Aduana: A Glimpse of History
Housed in a rustic edifice is Casa de la Aduana, a place that beckons visitors to dig deep into the complex cultural layers of Puerto de la Cruz. This isn’t your regular museum; it’s an experience that offers insight into the intricate fabric of social, historical, and even spiritual dimensions of the town. I found myself engrossed in various displays, each narrating a story that contributed to the collective consciousness of this enchanting place. Taking time to understand the journey of a community, I felt, enriched my own spiritual journey.
Casa de la Aduana
Casa de la Aduana: A Glimpse of History
7) Plaza del Charco: The Heartbeat of the Town
Nestled at the center of Puerto de la Cruz is Plaza del Charco, the town’s heartbeat and a meeting point for both locals and tourists. I felt an immediate sense of community as I stepped into the square. It was an incredible blend of culture, history, and, surprisingly, spirituality. Street performers, children playing, couples dancing—every human activity seemed to resonate with a universal rhythm that I felt connected to. It’s more than just a plaza; it’s an open theatre where the play of life unfolds. Soaking in the atmosphere and the community vibes became an unexpectedly spiritual experience for me. This charming square is definitely a must-visit in my list of top 10 things to do in Puerto de la Cruz.
8) Orchid Garden Sitio Litre: Blossoms and Spirituality
Orchids have always been a symbol of spiritual purity for me, and this Orchid Garden offers more than just visual beauty. Famed as the oldest garden in the Canary Islands, it is a tranquil escape from the urban chaos. I walked amidst a sea of orchids, each variety appearing to radiate its own unique aura. This visit was indeed a floral meditation session, enhancing my mental clarity and enriching my soul. The architecture of the garden itself seemed to be thoughtfully designed to guide your soul through a journey—meandering paths led to hidden nooks where I could sit and meditate or journal my thoughts.
9) Ermita de San Telmo: A Sanctuary for Soulful Reflections
Another soul-enriching spot among my top 10 Puerto de la Cruz favorites, Ermita de San Telmo is an unassuming church with a tranquil interior that invites contemplation. I found solace in its stained-glass windows, each emanating hues that seemed to speak to my spiritual state at that moment. In the midst of the afternoon tranquility, I felt as though time had paused, allowing for a dialogue between me and my higher self. I took time to light a candle, pen down some thoughts, and even converse with the local priests, who were a reservoir of spiritual wisdom.
10) San Felipe Castle: A Monument to Courage
Lastly, San Felipe Castle, which has witnessed centuries of battles and victories, serves as a monument to human resilience and courage. The ocean-facing walls gave me a unique sense of empowerment, as if absorbing the unbreakable spirit of those who once defended this fortress. I found a secluded spot within its ancient walls and entered a state of mindfulness, feeling imbued with a newfound strength and courage to face life’s challenges. As I explored the castle more, I discovered exhibitions and installations that narrated the rich history and the spiritual undertones of the fort’s past. A gem among the top 10 attractions in Puerto de la Cruz, this place invigorated my spirit in unexpected ways.


So, there you have it, an enhanced journey through my top 10 attractions in Puerto de la Cruz that cater to not just your eyes but your soul as well. From ethereal beaches to historic sanctuaries and soul-enriching gardens, Puerto de la Cruz offers something for every kind of seeker. Until next time, keep seeking!