Top 10 Places in Pisa - A Weekend Wanderer's Personal Journey

by Oliver “Ollie” Smith

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I’m Oliver “Ollie” Smith, The Weekend Wanderer, and I’m excited to share my top 10 places in Pisa. I ventured into the city’s renowned landmarks and hidden gems, uncovering fascinating history, art, culture, and architecture. Join me on this personal adventure through Pisa, enriched with my first-hand experiences, tips, and wanderlust.

Top 10 Places in Pisa - A Weekend Wanderer's Personal Journey

1) Leaning Tower of Pisa - Iconic Tilted Marvel
I began my journey in Pisa at the iconic Leaning Tower. What an experience it was to stand under this world-famous structure and appreciate its architectural wonder. I climbed the spiraling staircase, each step tilting slightly, feeling a thrill like no other. From the top, the panoramic view was breathtaking. I took my time exploring the surrounding grounds, learning about the tower’s history, the engineers who built it, and even the flora in the garden. I’ll never forget the local guide’s anecdote about Galileo’s experiments here. If you ever visit, make sure to book your tickets online to avoid the long queue and arrive early to catch the perfect sunrise photo.
2) Pisa Cathedral - Grandeur of Faith
Next, I visited the magnificent Pisa Cathedral, just a stone’s throw from the Leaning Tower. The grandiosity of the structure captivated me immediately. The intricate artworks adorning the walls and the serene ambiance within brought a sense of awe. I wandered through, admiring the stunning pulpit and massive bronze doors. I was lucky enough to attend a special choir performance that filled the cathedral with angelic melodies. I highly recommend taking a guided tour to fully appreciate the rich history and art, or just sitting quietly to soak in the spiritual atmosphere.
3) Baptistery of St. John - Echoing Beauty
The Baptistery of St. John was an unexpected marvel. Its Gothic architecture and detailed symbolism fascinated me. I was particularly struck by the perfect acoustics inside. A guard demonstrated the mesmerizing echo effect, a sound I’ll remember forever. I spent time exploring the various levels of the Baptistery, each offering unique architectural details and historical narratives. If you plan to visit, do check for sound demonstration timings and consider bundling your ticket with other attractions in Piazza dei Miracoli.
Baptistery of St. John - Echoing Beauty
Baptistery of St. John – Echoing Beauty
4) Museo delle Sinopie - Art Behind Frescoes
As an art lover, I was drawn to Museo delle Sinopie. I never knew that the preparatory sketches of frescoes, called sinopias, could be so beautiful. I spent hours delving into the artistic process, guided by an insightful curator. It was like peeking behind the curtains of a masterpiece, seeing the raw and unrefined sketches, understanding the artist’s vision. The museum itself, small and intimate, allowed for a personal connection with the art. A hidden gem that art enthusiasts should not miss!
5) Monumental Cemetery Camposanto - Tranquil History
Monumental Cemetery Camposanto offered a tranquil escape. As I strolled through the peaceful grounds, admiring the Gothic architecture and intricate frescoes, I could feel the history. The serenity was a soothing contrast to the bustling city outside. I took a guided tour, learning about the cemetery’s cultural significance, legends, and the restoration efforts. Sitting quietly by an ancient sarcophagus, reflecting on the transient nature of life, added a profound dimension to my Pisa experience.
6) Piazza dei Cavalieri - Knights' Square Adventure
Wandering through the medieval charm of Piazza dei Cavalieri was like stepping back in time. I explored historic buildings, learned about the Knights of St. Stephen, and soaked in the bustling atmosphere. The locals I met shared stories about the square’s importance during the Renaissance, adding layers to my understanding. I stopped at a quaint café and indulged in local delicacies, feeling the modern vibrancy of Pisa’s heart. Whether it’s dining, exploring, or simply relaxing, this square offers something for every traveler.
Piazza dei Cavalieri - Knights' Square Adventure
Piazza dei Cavalieri – Knights’ Square Adventure
7) Palazzo Blu - Blue Palace of Art and Culture
My visit to Palazzo Blu was a colorful delight. The blue façade is striking, and inside, a treasure trove of art awaited. I explored various exhibitions, each filled with compelling works from different eras. The staff were friendly, eager to share insights and artistic perspectives. I spent an afternoon here, fully immersed in Pisa’s vibrant art scene. An unexpected surprise was a rooftop view of the Arno River, adding a scenic touch to my cultural experience.
8) Orto Botanico di Pisa - Oldest Botanical Garden in Europe
The Orto Botanico di Pisa was a green oasis in the heart of the city. I lost myself in the verdant pathways, exploring exotic plants, ancient trees, and fragrant herbs. The rich biodiversity and well-maintained garden were therapeutic. I particularly enjoyed the aquatic section, home to unique water plants. I even joined a botanical workshop, learning about sustainable gardening practices. If you’re a nature lover, this garden offers a serene retreat and endless exploration.
9) Arno Promenade - Strolling Along the River Arno
I spent a lovely evening strolling along the Arno Promenade. The gentle breeze, reflection of historic buildings in the water, and charming bridges created a picturesque setting. I sat on a bench, watching the world go by, sketching the views, and even chatting with friendly locals. The promenade has various eateries and galleries, providing opportunities to explore Pisa’s modern flair. Don’t miss the sunset view; it’s something truly special.
10) Museo Nazionale di San Matteo - Journey Through Art
My Pisa adventure concluded at Museo Nazionale di San Matteo. I was enthralled by the museum’s collection of medieval art, sculptures, and pottery. The well-curated exhibits allowed me to travel through different art periods, guided by knowledgeable staff. I connected deeply with the art, understanding the evolution of the Pisan School and how it shaped the art world. The museum’s peaceful setting by the river offered a contemplative space to reflect on my Pisa journey. If you’re an art lover, this museum is a must-see, and consider combining it with other nearby attractions.


I hope my personal journey through the top 10 places in Pisa inspires you to explore this beautiful city, rich in history, culture, art, and adventure. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, Pisa has something for everyone. Happy wandering!