Top 10 Things to Do in Girona for Families 

by Isabelle “Izzy” Chen

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Discover family-friendly activities and hidden cultural gems in Girona. From the magnificent Cathedral of Girona to the bustling Rambla de la Llibertat, uncover the top 10 things to do in Girona that your family will love.

Top 10 Things to Do in Girona for Families 

1) Cathedral of Girona: A Lesson in History and Architecture
The Cathedral of Girona was the first place we visited, and it set the bar incredibly high for the rest of our trip. The architecture alone is a spectacle—high Gothic ceilings, intricate stonework, and enormous arches that seem to touch the sky. We spent the first half of our day there, exploring every nook and cranny. We even decided to get an audio guide, which filled us in on fascinating historical facts and myths surrounding the cathedral. The kids, initially hesitant, got deeply engrossed in a treasure hunt designed specifically for young visitors. Before we left, we climbed the long staircase leading to the main entrance, taking photos and enjoying the panoramic views of the city below. It was a unanimous family favorite and an educational experience, making it an essential part of our top 10 things to do in Girona list.
2) Arab Baths: Unwinding Time
As a family that’s always on the move, we were pleasantly surprised to find relaxation at the Arab Baths. The structure itself dates back to the 12th century and walking inside felt like stepping into another era. Each room had its own significance—the cold room, the warm room, and the hot room, all of which are built around a central pool. The kids were enchanted by the Islamic architecture, while we appreciated the tranquility it offered. The gardens surrounding the baths were just as enchanting. We sat there, sipping on some fresh herbal tea we got from a nearby café, and just allowed the serene atmosphere to wash over us.
3) Passeig de la Muralla: A Walk to Remember
On our third day in Girona, we opted for an outdoor activity that would allow us to stretch our legs and also imbibe the city’s history. We took a leisurely walk along the Passeig de la Muralla, the ancient city walls. These walls have been standing since Roman times and provide a 360-degree view of Girona. We made several stops at the viewing platforms to take photos, and we even found a secluded garden where the kids could play tag. We ended our walk at the Torre Gironella, a tower that offered an incredible view of the city and the surrounding countryside.
Passeig de la Muralla, Girona. Spain
Passeig de la Muralla: A Walk to Remember
4) Rambla de la Llibertat: The Family Hub
Ah, Rambla de la Llibertat, the beating heart of Girona! Our family spent countless hours here, whether for shopping, eating, or just taking in the ambiance. What caught the kids’ attention the most were the local artists, painting or playing music on the street corners. They got so inspired that they spent an afternoon sketching their own versions of the street. And let’s talk about the food—our family feasted on local delicacies from the street-side vendors. The tapas were delectable, and the gelato shops were, unsurprisingly, the kids’ favorite spots. We made it a point to try a different flavor every day, turning it into our sweet little family ritual. Rambla de la Llibertat had something for every one of us, making it a top 10 Girona attraction in its own right.
5) El Call: Where Past Meets Present
We wandered through El Call, the city’s old Jewish Quarter, and felt like we had entered a time capsule. This area features some of Girona’s oldest buildings and streets, and the kids were thrilled to learn about its storied history. We stopped by one of the pocket-sized synagogues turned museums, and the children became amateur archaeologists, exploring artifacts and reading about medieval Jewish life. We made it a game, asking them to spot hidden Hebrew letters etched onto door frames or walls, which made it a fun and engaging learning experience for them. The cobblestone streets, the ancient buildings, and even the local shops selling traditional Jewish foods all contributed to an enriching day.
6) Day Trip to Lake Banyoles: Nature’s Best
A short drive away from Girona led us to Lake Banyoles, a natural haven that provided a refreshing change of scenery. It’s a large lake surrounded by walking paths, picnic spots, and cafes. We rented paddle boats and took turns paddling around the lake. The kids took it as a challenge, racing against each other in a friendly competition. We found a small, charming café overlooking the lake and while the kids relished their ice creams, we sipped on some local wine. It was an idyllic day in nature, offering the perfect respite from our urban explorations.
Lake Banyoles, Girona
Day Trip to Lake Banyoles: Nature’s Best
7) Game of Thrones Tour: On-Set Exploration
Being a family of Game of Thrones aficionados, a dedicated tour around the shooting locations in Girona was a no-brainer. We enlisted the services of a specialized guide, who not only took us to the iconic spots but also narrated behind-the-scenes anecdotes. The children, armed with toy swords bought from a local toy shop, reenacted some of their favorite scenes, standing on the very steps where the actors once stood. The excitement was palpable, and even though the kids are too young to watch the show, they felt part of the Game of Thrones world. We took countless pictures, and even video-called some relatives to make them jealous of our GoT escapade.
8) Parc Migdia: The Local Playground
When traveling with kids, finding a place for them to expend some energy is crucial. Parc Migdia was perfect for this. It’s not just a park; it’s a local gathering spot. Families, students, and elderly folks—you see the entire community here. The playground had diverse and safe structures, and while the kids were busy making new friends, we took the opportunity to relax and even read a little. We brought along a picnic basket and enjoyed sandwiches and local fruits under the shade of a large tree. To make things better, there was even a small pond where the kids fed the ducks, making their day even more special.
9) Museu d'Història dels Jueus: A Deep Dive into History
If you’re a history-loving family like us, the Jewish Museum in Girona is not to be missed. It’s located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, and it was an enriching follow-up to our exploration of El Call. The museum is highly interactive, which kept the kids engaged. They loved the touch-screen quizzes about Jewish customs and history. Meanwhile, we were engrossed in the temporary exhibits that delved into the history of the Jewish community in Girona before their expulsion in 1492. It was a rich, educational experience, making it a top 10 thing to do in Girona for any history enthusiasts.
10) Independence Square: The Heart of the City
We wrapped up our Girona trip with a delightful evening at Independence Square. It’s a lively area, filled with cafes, bars, and shops. But what stood out most was the square’s historical significance. Plaques and statues recount the struggles for Catalan independence, and we took this opportunity to educate the kids about the importance of history and community. We chose one of the many outdoor cafes and ordered a smattering of local dishes. As the evening turned into night, musicians and street performers filled the square with music and laughter. It was a magical way to end our trip, and it perfectly encapsulated the spirit of Girona.


Whether you’re looking for historical sites, local experiences, or family-friendly activities, Girona offers an array of options. It was a trip to remember, and we can’t wait to plan our next family adventure!