Alicante in 3 Days: Sun, Sand, and Sangria!

Alicante, a gem on Spain’s Costa Blanca, offers travelers more than just sunny beaches. From historical landmarks to lively neighborhoods and delicious local cuisine, you’ll never have a dull moment. Spend three days immersing yourself in the culture, soaking up the sun, and exploring hidden corners of this coastal city.
Pro Tip:For the best paella in town, head to ‘Dársena’ on Alicante’s beachfront.

Day 1: The Heart of Alicante

Castle of Santa Bárbara

Perched high on Mount Benacantil, this castle is an Alicante itinerary must-have for its panoramic views and rich history. It’s one of Europe’s largest medieval fortresses.
Why You Should Visit: To get the ultimate view and historical experience.
How to Reach: Take the elevator from Postiguet Beach.
Pro Tip: Go early to avoid the crowds.


Postiguet Beach

If spending 3 days in Alicante, this iconic beach is a must-see. Known for its golden sands and clear waters, it’s a city slice of paradise.
Why You Should Visit: To soak up the sun or swim.
How to Reach: It’s just a downhill walk from the castle.
Pro Tip: Arrive before 11 a.m. to claim a good spot.


Explanada de España

Add a walk down this marble-tiled promenade to your Alicante itinerary. It’s bustling with street musicians, vendors, and an authentic local experience.
Why You Should Visit: For the culture and local vibes.
How to Reach: A 10-minute walk from Postiguet Beach.
Pro Tip: Try the local horchata at one of the stalls.


Mercado Central

As you explore Alicante in 3 days, don’t miss this foodie paradise. You’ll find everything from fresh fish to exotic fruits here.
Why You Should Visit: For a gastronomic adventure.
How to Reach: It’s a 5-minute walk from the Explanada.
Pro Tip: Sample the ‘jamon Serrano.’


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Day 2: Local Flair and Flavors

Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art

Kick off your second day in Alicante with a touch of modern art. This museum houses over 800 pieces, featuring 20th-century artists.
Why You Should Visit: To get a sense of Spain’s modern artistic movements.
How to Reach: A short 7-minute walk from Mercado Central.
Pro Tip: Admission is free on Saturdays.


El Barrio de Santa Cruz

Nestled in the heart of the city, this quaint neighborhood is a must on any Alicante itinerary. Think narrow streets, flower-filled balconies, and colorful houses.
Why You Should Visit: For a dose of Alicante’s charming architecture.
How to Reach: Just an uphill climb from the museum.
Pro Tip: Look for hidden courtyards to snap Instagram-worthy photos.


San Nicolas Cathedral

Located in the old town, this 17th-century cathedral is a beautiful blend of styles from Baroque to Renaissance.
Why You Should Visit: To explore its peaceful cloister and stunning altar.
How to Reach: A 5-minute walk from El Barrio de Santa Cruz.
Pro Tip: Don’t miss the Rococo style Communion chapel.


La Ereta Park

Finish off your second day in Alicante at this serene park. It’s adjacent to the Castle of Santa Bárbara and offers stunning city views.
Why You Should Visit: For a peaceful retreat and great sunset views.
How to Reach: It’s an uphill but worthwhile walk from San Nicolas Cathedral.
Pro Tip: Pack some local treats for a sunset picnic.


Day 3: Adventure and Nature

Tabarca Island

Start your final day with a boat trip to Tabarca Island. It’s the smallest permanently inhabited islet in Spain and it’s teeming with marine life.
Why You Should Visit: For snorkeling and the experience of island life.
How to Reach: Boats depart from Alicante’s port.
Pro Tip: Bring snorkel gear for an underwater adventure.


Canelobre Caves

Next, head underground to explore this natural wonder. The caves are one of Spain’s largest and most impressive, located just outside Alicante.
Why You Should Visit: For the awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites.
How to Reach: A 45-minute drive from the city center.
Pro Tip: Wear comfy shoes; the floors can be slippery.


Gran Via Park

Wind down your 3-day Alicante adventure at this expansive green space. The park has plenty of trails, playgrounds, and ponds.
Why You Should Visit: For relaxation and to unwind in nature.
How to Reach: A 15-minute drive from the Canelobre Caves.
Pro Tip: Don’t miss the rose garden in full bloom.


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Best areas to stay and to avoid

5 Areas to Live:

1. El Barrio

Why Live Here: Right in the city’s historic heart, El Barrio offers easy access to bars, museums, and architectural gems.
Pro Tip: Ideal for those who love the nightlife and Alicante’s rich culture.

2. Playa de San Juan

Why Live Here: If the beach is your thing, this area’s got you covered with one of the best coastlines in Alicante.
Pro Tip: Choose accommodation near the tram line for convenient travel.

3. Ensanche Diputación

Why Live Here: It’s a quieter residential area but still close to the city center. A good mix of modern and traditional.
Pro Tip: Look for apartments with a view of the Santa Bárbara Castle.

4. Albufereta

Why Live Here: A blend of city and sea, Albufereta offers both scenic views and urban conveniences.
Pro Tip: Opt for a sea-facing property to make the most of the locale.

5. Carolinas Altas

Why Live Here: It’s a budget-friendly area, less touristy but still offers good public transport connections.
Pro Tip: Weekly markets are a must-visit for fresh produce.



5 Areas to Avoid:

1. Tómbola

Why Avoid: This area is considered less safe, especially at night.
Pro Tip: If you must visit, be extra cautious and aware of your surroundings.

2. Benalúa

Why Avoid: Although closer to the station, it lacks the charm and safety of other Alicante neighborhoods.
Pro Tip: Best for a quick transit, not an extended stay.

3. La Florida

Why Avoid: Known for its bustling nightlife, it might not offer the most restful sleep.
Pro Tip: If you’re a light sleeper, better to avoid this area.

4. San Blas

Why Avoid: It’s farther from the touristy spots and can be a bit rundown in places.
Pro Tip: If you want to explore the area, daytime is better.

5. Campoamor

Why Avoid: Generally crowded and can get noisy, particularly during festival seasons.
Pro Tip: It’s better for a daytime visit rather than a nighttime stay.