Navarre in 3 Days - Unveil Spain's Best-Kept Secret

If you’re looking to uncover Spain’s hidden treasures, this Navarre itinerary is your golden ticket. Imagine strolling through historic Pamplona, gawking at surreal landscapes, and sipping the finest wines— all in 3 days.
Pro Tip:The Navarre Card offers discounts on many attractions and is totally worth it!

Day 1: Pamplona Uncovered

  1. Plaza del Castillo


Step into Plaza del Castillo, and you’ll understand why it’s the beating heart of Pamplona. Cafes line the square, making it a bustling hub for both tourists and locals.

Why You Should Visit: To soak in the culture of Navarre.

How to Reach: Right in the center of Pamplona, a 5-minute walk from most hotels in the Old Town.

Pro Tip: Look out for street performances—local talent often shines here.


  1. Running of the Bulls Route


Experience the pulse-pounding excitement of the famous Running of the Bulls—without the bulls, of course. Walk the route to feel the adrenaline minus the risk.

Why You Should Visit: For a taste of Pamplona’s San Fermin festival.

How to Reach: Just a 7-minute walk from Plaza del Castillo.

Pro Tip: Go early in the morning to get the best photos and avoid the crowd.


  1. Navarre Museum


Dive deep into the stories and artifacts that make Navarre so unique.

Why You Should Visit: Unearth the rich history and art of Navarre.

How to Reach: A 12-minute scenic walk from the Running of the Bulls Route.

Pro Tip: They offer free guided tours on weekends; it’s a steal!


  1. Fortress and Walls of Pamplona


Climb up and witness Pamplona from a different angle.

Why You Should Visit: To get those Instagram-worthy panoramic shots of Navarre.

How to Reach: A quick 8-minute walk from the Navarre Museum.

Pro Tip: It’s less crowded during weekday evenings, perfect for a serene experience.


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Navarre, Spain

Day 2: Nature's Grandeur in Navarre

  1. Urederra River


Jaw-droppingly beautiful, Urederra River’s blue pools and waterfalls make it look like a slice of heaven.

Why You Should Visit: It’s nature’s own masterpiece.

How to Reach: A comfortable one-hour drive from Pamplona, accessible via rental car or local buses.

Pro Tip: The early bird gets the worm—and the best photos, so head out early.


  1. Irati Forest


Step into a world of lush greenery and tranquility, and you’ll know why Irati Forest is often hailed as Europe’s emerald.

Why You Should Visit: To experience Navarre’s incredible biodiversity.

How to Reach: 90 minutes by car from Urederra.

Pro Tip: Take the marked trails to discover hidden spots.


Navarre, Spain

Day 3: Wine & Wonders of Navarre

  1. Bodega Otazu


Kick off your day with a visit to Bodega Otazu, a winery that combines art and enology in an exquisite manner.

Why You Should Visit: To relish Navarre’s wine culture.

How to Reach: About a 20-minute drive from central Pamplona.

Pro Tip: Their wine-art tour is a unique blend of culture and taste.


  1. Ochagavia


Stroll through this quaint village featuring stone houses and cobblestone streets, encapsulating Navarre’s rural charm.

Why You Should Visit: For a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

How to Reach: Approximately a 1-hour drive from Bodega Otazu.

Pro Tip: The local cheese shop sells some of the best regional flavors.


  1. Olite Castle


Explore this fairy-tale castle, the epitome of medieval elegance.

Why You Should Visit: To live your knight or princess fantasies.

How to Reach: A 1-hour drive back toward Pamplona from Ochagavia.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss the tower views, they are worth the climb.


  1. Monastery of Leyre


End your Navarre itinerary with the serene, mystical atmosphere of one of Spain’s oldest monasteries.

Why You Should Visit: For some spiritual tranquility.

How to Reach: A quick 30-minute drive from Olite Castle.

Pro Tip: The Gregorian chants at Vespers are a must-experience.


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Best areas to stay and to avoid

5 Areas to Live:

Old Town, Pamplona – For history buffs, close to main attractions.

Estella – A smaller town with easy access to nature spots.

Tudela – Great for those interested in Mudejar architecture.

Baztan Valley – For nature lovers, think green meadows and rolling hills.

Olite – Stay in or near the medieval castle for a royal experience.


5 Areas to Avoid:

Rochapea, Pamplona – Known for being a bit sketchy.

Santesteban – Far from main attractions.

Caparroso – Industrial vibes, not much to see.

Alsasua – More of a local’s town, limited tourist facilities.

Viana – Close to Logroño, but lacks its own attractions.