Pamplona in 3 Days: Beyond The Running of The Bulls

Pamplona, widely known for its buzz-worthy Running of the Bulls, is so much more than just that one event. This 3-day Pamplona itinerary will take you through architectural wonders, delicious Basque cuisine spots, and serene parks.
Pro Tip:If you’re looking for a more local experience in Pamplona, consider visiting between September and April.

Day 1: The Heart of Pamplona

Plaza del Castillo
The heartbeat of Pamplona, Plaza del Castillo, is a large square teeming with open-air cafes, boutiques, and plenty of places to just sit and soak up the atmosphere. Enjoy a coffee while you people-watch or plan your day.
Why Go: To immerse yourself in the local vibe and culture.
Pro Tip: Early mornings offer a peaceful setting; late afternoons are great for local interactions.


Cathedral of Santa María la Real
A magnificent structure showcasing Gothic grandeur with touches of Neoclassical design. The cathedral is not only a religious site but also a repository of art and history.
Why Go: To dive deep into Pamplona’s rich historical and religious context.
How to Reach: A straightforward 10-minute walk from Plaza del Castillo.
Pro Tip: Check out the Diocesan Museum housed within the cathedral.


San Nicolás Church
More than just a religious site, San Nicolás also serves as a community center. Its interiors are serene, and the church hosts regular community events.
Why Go: To see how religion and community coalesce in local Pamplona life.
How to Reach: A quick 7-minute walk from the Cathedral.
Pro Tip: The church’s community board often lists free events and gatherings.

Pamplona, Spain

Day 2: History, Parks, and More

La Ciudadela  

This fortress and its lush gardens make for a relaxing and historical day 2 in your Pamplona itinerary.  

*Why Go*: For a mix of history and natural beauty.  

*Pro Tip*: Kids will love the duck ponds around the area.


Museum of Navarra  

This museum is your one-stop-shop to learn about Navarre’s past, enriching your 3-day stay in Pamplona.  

*Why Go*: To understand Pamplona’s historical context.  

*How to Reach*: A 15-minute walk from La Ciudadela.  

*Pro Tip*: The Roman mosaics are a must-see, especially on free entry Saturdays.


Parque de la Taconera  

Wrap up day 2 of your Pamplona trip with a visit to this ancient park, complete with gardens, fountains, and a small zoo.  

*Why Go*: For a peaceful retreat.  

*How to Reach*: 10-minute walk from the Museum of Navarra.  

*Pro Tip*: The cafe in the middle of the park is a hidden gem.


Pamplona, Spain

Day 3: Culinary Pamplona

Mercado de Santo Domingo

Dive into the local food culture at this bustling market. From freshly baked bread to vibrant fruits and vegetables, the market gives you a slice of everyday Pamplona life.
Why Go: To see, taste, and smell the culinary diversity Pamplona has to offer.
Pro Tip: Local cheeses and wines make excellent souvenirs.


Calle Estafeta

An entire street dedicated to the joys of Basque cuisine. Wander from one tapas bar to the next, sampling small bites of heaven.
Why Go: To indulge in a gastronomic escapade.
How to Reach: An easy 10-minute stroll from Mercado de Santo Domingo.
Pro Tip: Many bars offer a ‘tapa’ free with each drink during ‘tapa hour.’


Pamplona City Food Tour

Get led by a local through an array of food spots, from markets to restaurants.
Why Go: To dig deeper into the culinary heritage of the region.
How to Reach: A 15-minute walk from Calle Estafeta.
Pro Tip: Book in advance, as spots are limited.


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Best areas to stay and to avoid

5 Areas to Live:


San Juan  

Great for families, plenty of parks, a pleasant area to consider in your 3-day Pamplona plan.


Casco Antiguo  

Close to major attractions, historic area, great for a 3-day stay in Pamplona.



Modern amenities, excellent public transport, another solid option for your Pamplona itinerary.



Quiet residential area, more budget-friendly, but you may need to commute to get to the key Pamplona attractions.



Commercial and residential mix, very convenient, could be ideal for a 3-day trip to Pamplona.



5 Areas to Avoid:



High crime rate, not ideal for tourists.



Far from the city center, not much to do.



Lacks tourist amenities, far from the main attractions



Isolated, poorly connected by public transport



Far from city center, lacking in attractions.