Zaragoza: 3 Days Itinerary - Unveiling Spain's Hidden Gem

Zaragoza sits conveniently between Madrid and Barcelona but deserves more than a passing glance. In your three days here, get ready to dive into its Roman past, Moorish influences, and a burgeoning modern culture.
Pro Tip:Head to El Tubo for dinner; it’s a paradise for tapas lovers.

Day 1: Historical Deep-Dive

Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar

It’s the crown jewel of any Zaragoza itinerary, serving both spiritual and artistic quests.

Start your Zaragoza itinerary at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar, a grand structure featuring marvelous frescoes and an aura of spiritual gravity. It’s a blend of awe-inspiring art and a deeply rooted spiritual culture. The artworks by Goya elevate the space from merely religious to a deeply historical site.  

**Why You Should Visit**: It serves as a two-in-one destination for art and spirituality.  

**How to Reach**: It’s a central point, easily accessible from any part of the city.  

**Pro Tip**: The nighttime lighting of the Basilica turns it into a photographer’s dream.  


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Roman Theatre

The Roman Theatre fits into any Zaragoza 3 days itinerary, offering you a time-travel experience to ancient Roman days.

The Roman Theatre isn’t just a set of ancient stones; it’s a vivid glimpse into what life was like when Zaragoza was a Roman city. The well-preserved amphitheater offers a unique lens into ancient architecture and social life.  

**Why You Should Visit**: It’s like a live-in history book.  

**How to Reach**: A mere 10-minute walk from the Basilica.  

**Pro Tip**: Entry is free on Tuesday afternoons. 


Zaragoza, Spain

Day 2: Artistic Pursuits and River Views

Aljafería Palace  

The Aljafería is a must-see stop when you’re planning a 3-day Zaragoza itinerary, as it encapsulates the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

An Islamic fortress turned into a Christian palace, the Aljafería is where Zaragoza’s multicultural history truly comes alive. Take a leisurely stroll through the patios and don’t miss the intricate carvings on the arches. This place is perfect for understanding the confluence of Islamic and Christian architecture in Zaragoza.  

**Why You Should Visit**: It’s like stepping into a history book, one that covers multiple cultures and eras.  

**How to Reach**: It’s a 20-minute walk from the Roman Theatre.  

**Pro Tip**: Visit during the golden hour for some breathtaking photos. 


Ebro River Bank  

If you’re spending three days in Zaragoza, you can’t miss this natural retreat right in the middle of the city.The banks of the Ebro River offer more than just a peaceful escape. Enjoy a picnic, go for a cycle, or just stroll around enjoying Zaragoza’s natural beauty. It’s a wonderful breather from all the sightseeing.  

**Why You Should Visit**: Nature meets the city here, offering a blend of relaxation and active fun.  

**How to Reach**: It’s just a 15-minute walk from Aljafería Palace.  

**Pro Tip**: The area is known for some great sunset views.  


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Zaragoza, Spain

Day 3: Modern Meets Traditional

Zaragoza Aquarium

The Zaragoza Aquarium is a must-visit if you’re doing a Zaragoza itinerary for three days.

Home to some of the most unique marine species, the Zaragoza Aquarium offers a world of underwater adventure. You’ll be mesmerized by the range of fish and their simulated natural habitats.  

**Why You Should Visit**: It’s the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe, offering a unique chance to explore life beneath the surface.  

**How to Reach**: Take bus line 42 from the Ebro River Bank. It’s around a 20-minute ride.  

**Pro Tip**: Don’t miss the piranha feeding sessions! 


La Seo Cathedral  

Don’t let the façade of this cathedral fool you—inside, you’ll find a blend of architectural styles ranging from Romanesque to Baroque. It’s like a timeline of artistic movements under one roof.  

**Why You Should Visit**: For the vast history it packs into a single location.  

**How to Reach**: It’s a quick 10-minute taxi ride from the Zaragoza Aquarium.  

**Pro Tip**: Pay the extra fee for the roof tour to get panoramic city views.  


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Best areas to stay and to avoid

5 Areas to Live In

  1. **El Centro**: The heart of the city, close to all the attractions.  
  2. **San José**: Affordable yet vibrant, great for younger crowds.
  3. **Delicias**: Known for its convenient transportation options.
  4. **Casco Histórico**: For those who want to live history.
  5. **La Magdalena**: A lively area, filled with local charm.


5 Areas to Avoid

  1. **Las Fuentes**: Known for its higher crime rates.  
  2. **Oliver**: Quite far from the city center.  
  3. **Venecia**: Limited public transport, making it inconvenient.  
  4. **Arrabal**: Lacks tourist attractions.
  5. **San Gregorio**: Not much going on, better options available.