Tenerife: 3 Days Itinerary - From Sandy Beaches to Starry Skies

Tenerife is not just another beach destination; it’s an island that boasts diversity in every sense. From the golden sands of Playa de las Américas to the mystical forest of Anaga, the island offers something for every kind of traveler. The gastronomy is as vibrant as its scenery—think freshly caught fish served with Canarian potatoes
Pro Tip:The local buses are punctual but cover limited routes; renting a car is a wise choice for comprehensive island exploration.

Day 1: The Southern Charms

Playa de las Américas

Sun, surf, and sand—Playa de las Américas offers it all. This lively beach is a hotspot for tourists looking to enjoy water sports or just a lazy day sunbathing.

  • Why: It’s a haven for beach lovers.
  • How to Reach: Start your journey from wherever you are staying. This place is well-connected by road.
  • Pro Tip: Early mornings are less crowded, and you can score a good spot near the waves.


Siam Park

One of the world’s most famous water parks, Siam Park is filled with exhilarating slides and relaxing pools.

  • Why: A fun-filled day for both families and adventure seekers.
  • How to Reach: Just a 10-minute drive from Playa de las Américas.
  • Pro Tip: Buy tickets online to avoid long queues.


Los Cristianos Market

Dive into local culture and shopping at the Los Cristianos Market, where you can find everything from fresh produce to artisan crafts.

  • Why: Experience the local market vibe.
  • How to Reach: A 15-minute drive from Siam Park.
  • Pro Tip: Bargaining is key!

San Eugenio Alto

End your day with a breathtaking view of the ocean and island from San Eugenio Alto, a charming residential area up in the hills.

  • Why: For the best sunset view.
  • How to Reach: A 20-minute drive from Los Cristianos Market.
  • Pro Tip: Bring a picnic basket for an impromptu meal with a view.


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Tenerife, Spain

Day 2: The Lush North

Anaga Rural Park

Tenerife itinerary Day 2 beckons you to Anaga Rural Park, a fairy-tale land of ancient forests and charming villages.

  • Why: For hiking trails and panoramic views that stretch over the ocean.
  • How to Reach: About a 1-hour drive from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the island’s capital.
  • Pro Tip: Wear sturdy hiking shoes; the trails can get slippery.

La Laguna

Head over to La Laguna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of colorful buildings and cobblestone streets.

  • Why: Step back in time in this historical city.
  • How to Reach: Just a 30-minute drive from Anaga Rural Park.
  • Pro Tip: Visit on a weekend to catch local art and craft markets.

Bodegas Monje

Experience the island’s unique flavors with a wine tasting session at Bodegas Monje.

  • Why: For an authentic taste of Tenerife’s wine culture.
  • How to Reach: A 20-minute drive from La Laguna.
  • Pro Tip: Pair your wine with local cheese for a heavenly experience.

Jardín Botánico

Conclude your day with a stroll in this lush, beautifully maintained botanical garden.

  • Why: For a serene close to a busy day.
  • How to Reach: An easy 30-minute drive from Bodegas Monje.
  • Pro Tip: Don’t miss the orchid section; it’s a visual treat.
Tenerife, Spain

Day 3: Stargazing & Beach Hopping

Teide National Park

Kickstart your Tenerife 3 days adventure on Day 3 by heading to Teide National Park, home to Spain’s highest peak.

  • Why: For a day of adventure and unparalleled natural beauty.
  • How to Reach: A 90-minute drive from wherever you’re based.
  • Pro Tip: Arrive early to avoid crowds and get a good parking spot.

El Médano Beach

Transition from rocky landscapes to soft sand at El Médano Beach.

  • Why: For a laid-back beach vibe.
  • How to Reach: Roughly a 1-hour drive from Teide National Park.
  • Pro Tip: Ideal for windsurfing if you’re up for some action.

Masca Village

Head to Masca Village, often termed the ‘Machu Picchu of the Canaries.’

  • Why: For its breathtaking cliffs and untouched beauty.
  • How to Reach: A 1.5-hour drive from El Médano Beach.
  • Pro Tip: The drive is winding; ensure your vehicle is in good condition.

Los Gigantes

End your 3 days in Tenerife watching the sun dip below these giant cliffs.

  • Why: For a jaw-dropping sunset.
  • How to Reach: A 30-minute drive from Masca Village.
  • Pro Tip: Bring a lightweight blanket for a cozy sunset watch.


Remember, these suggestions are flexible. Feel free to mix and match to suit your Tenerife 3 days itinerary. Enjoy your trip! And if you like Tenerife travel here is the comprehensive guide to other places on Canary Islands 

Best areas to stay and to avoid

5 Areas to Live

Santa Cruz de Tenerife
The capital city offering a hub for shopping and dining.

Costa Adeje
Known for luxury resorts and stunning beaches.

Puerto de la Cruz
A classic tourist spot featuring a variety of activities.

Los Cristianos
A bustling port town with a lively nightlife.

La Laguna
Rich in history and culture, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


5 Areas to Avoid

Playa de las Américas
While great for a visit, it can be too touristy for a stay.

Los Gigantes
Known for high winds, not ideal for everyone.

El Médano
While beautiful, it’s often crowded and noisy.

Santa Ursula
Remote and not many tourist amenities.

Lacks the charm and activities that other areas offer.